Interview with Lissie

Interview with Lissie

Lissie featuring our new collaboration project: Dimmi Boot: Made in the USA
*with imported and USA components

Dimmi sat down with famous singer/musician Lissie about her new collaboration with Dimmi. Check out her interview below!

Q: We know what an amazing singer and musician you are, but most of the public does not know about your connection to the medical community and awareness of ALS. Can you tell us a little bit about your love of doing good?
Lissie: I think its an incredible thing that music brings people out and together so why not use that power for good? My aunt Laura passed away from ALS in 2010, a truly horrible disease for which there’s no known cause or cure.  My family and I thought it’d honor her memory to raise awareness and funds for local ALS patients by bringing together the community that she loved and loved her! This year will be the 3rd annual Laura’s legacy concert in my hometown of Rock Island, Illinois.

Q: How did Laura’s Legacy come about?
L: My cousins had been participating in a walk to defeat ALS  in Chicago and our team name was “Laura’s Legacy”.  We wanted to expand on it and start an annual fundraiser for the ALS division of the local MDA as a way to celebrate her and help however we could.  We’ve raised around $20,000 these past 2 years!

Q: What kind of collaborations will we be seeing between you and Dimmi?
L: Well Dimmi approached me to design a shoe for a medical cause of my choice. It was a coincidence that Billy from Dimmi had lost his brother to ALS. So it felt like a natural choice to come together for a fight we both felt connected to. Everyone at Dimmi has been absolutely lovely and supportive in not only sponsoring this years event, but also creating a line of Laura’s legacy bags and boots whose profits will all go to ALS patient support and research.

Q: I am personally a huge fan of your new boot from Dimmi, have you ever designed something before or was this something new? Because you nailed it!
L: Thank you! I love a good, solid, basic boot!  I was really pleased with how it turned out. This is a first for me! I don’t consider myself a very stylish person, HAHA  but I love how dimmi interpreted my description and images I sent of a basic brown boot! I can’t wait to make it available to the public and expand our reach. I also love that its American made!

Q: We are so excited about this new Lissie/Dimmi Collab, and can not wait to see the new things that are coming our way. Can you tell us a little about your inspiration and what we can be looking for? Oh and of course where we will be able to get them?
L: I’m very excited as well!  Like I said we have 3 beautiful bag designs and this fresh, timeless boot coming, the bags will be available at the concert and I’m hoping that soon ill have the pre order link for folks to purchase the boot.  Stay tuned to my social media twitter: lissiemusic & instagram: lissiemusic for more details!

Q: Is there anything else you can recommend to your fans and Dimmi fans to help their communities and the medical community?
L: I would recommend that whatever your skills may be that you try and spend even 10% of your time applying those skills towards raising awareness or funds for causes you feel are important!

Q:  Are you involved in any other charities?
L: This year will also mark the 3rd annual changing tides orphanage fundraiser we hold in Ojai, CA .  I visited the orphanage and school in Jamel, Haiti in 2013 and was so impressed by how they’re really helping these kids to thrive and also the community as a whole. They are building a new school currently and our concert makes up a third of their budget.

Q: What is next for you and Laura’s Legacy?
L: We will continue to hold these annual concerts and I’m always looking for ways to collaborate with other passionate people,, so the possibilities are endless!

Q: If you could give advice to our readers what would it be?
L: Try to live an authentic and compassionate life. It’s not always easy but worth aspiring towards!

Now for my favorite questions:

Q: Tell us something most people do not know about you?
L: I have a weird fear of bridges!

Q: What are your favorite pair of shoes!?
L: My brown boots I got in London 4 years ago. They are the perfect ankle height and beat up but strong leather. And they go with everything!

Q: Who is your favorite musical artist?
L: I have too many favorites to mention but Bobbie Gentry, Metallica, Phish to name a few!

Be sure to checkout the flyer below for Lissie’s upcoming concert with Dimmi!

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